About Smith-Goth Engineers


To provide engineering solutions that demonstrate experience, knowledge and forward-thinking with the best interest of the client as our top priority.

What We Do:

Smith-Goth Engineers offers plumbing, mechanical and electrical engineering design services. We emphasize a sustainable approach in every system we design and work within our client’s budget to deliver the best product for the money. We listen to the needs of our clients and customize each design to fit the application. We follow through; working with our clients through construction and occupancy to ensure that their best interests are served.

With over 30 years of continuous engineering service we have gained irreplaceable experience. We’re proud of our past and the experience we’ve gained, but we’re even more excited about the future. Experience is a great foundation, but we know it takes more than this alone to deliver sound, responsible solutions. It also takes knowledge and forward-thinking. We have the knowledge to determine the most appropriate solution for each challenge we face: knowledge of the newest technology; knowledge of the most current design standards; knowledge of the leading trends in our industry. Furthermore, we take a forward-thinking approach, looking for solutions that will serve our clients today and into the future. We believe it’s only when experience and knowledge are combined with forward-thinking that the best engineering solutions become a reality.

We encourage our clients to communicate with us. Tell us how you want your building to perform. Tell us what’s important to you. Let our experience and forward-thinking create solutions that meet your needs.

Where we practice:

Smith-Goth Engineers, Inc. is located in Springfield, Missouri. We are licensed in all 48-continental states and Puerto Rico.

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